Serenity's Key: VDB 3

Serenity's Key: VDB 3

Book 3: The VDB Trilogy
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Everything changes in life, and Pascal Van Der Braack knows that. He knows the constant conundrum that taints and twists the rules. He's usually the one who twirls them, effortlessly. But what he doesn't know is how his last threads of sanity will weather this current storm brewing.
Lilah has lied.
Alexander has lied.
And Jon Innsbrucker has stolen his daughter.
All his hopes now lie with the woman who cheated him of love. A man who won't tell him the damned truth while he smiles out his amusement. And his own sense of harboured self-reliance.
Games and manipulations - the highest order of any day's pleasure, but not this time. This time war has begun and the clock is ticking down a death watch over his precious moments. Safety is key, and it begins the journey that takes him to a place he considers sanctuary. Rome.
Where will they all be at the end of the day? And who will love whom in this eternal quest for peace?

Stretching my arms again, I stare out of the window and continue to watch the hotel across the road. I'm not really sure where I am, but it's a small district on the outskirts of Berlin somewhere. An affluent one.
The taxi followed the limousine all the way from the airport, and eventually I stopped it when I saw them pull up and walk into the Strazborg Excelsior - Roxanne carrying Claire.
Why it's called Strazborg given that we're in Berlin, I don't know or care. I'm too tired to give a damn, frankly. All night on the plane, I watched them quietly while hiding behind my hat and trying to keep my eyes open. Then I kept my eyes firmly focused on the black limo as it travelled its way here. And now I've started my watch from this window, waiting for whatever fate befalls me.
All because he asked me to help.
I'm still not sure if I should have or not.

Release date: December 16, 2016

Print pages: 318

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