The End: A Dark Romance

The End: A Dark Romance

Book 2: Stained Duet
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Blaine Jacobs knows nothing of love, but Alana Williams does and she's opening doors to truths he's never felt before. Walls will be broken and secrets revealed, regardless of consequence.


My throat growls out in distress, desperate for more alcohol to fuel this panic ridden hatred of myself. That's all this is. I know that. It's rage and indecision. A barrage of self-loathing and repugnance, one confused and trapped in its own irrational behaviour. The psychologist in me would tell me to quieten down. The magician would play for the fun of it, but the monster in me? He's ready to rut hell into anything that will take me, just so it can imagine her face and abandon the last drops of my resistance.

I'm confused.
Losing control.
Being torn into three.

And no matter how I try to avoid it, the layers keep peeling apart with no sense of clarification or psychological evaluation. They just split for her.

Release date: October 17, 2017

Print pages: 278

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