Mate: A White/VDB Continuation Novel

Mate: A White/VDB Continuation Novel

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The clock is ticking.
Thoughts and problems colliding.
And no one knows who wants what.
With the news of Pascal's royal quandary unraveling, and threats coming every way they turn, the four should be rallying together to protect their own. But, as always, heads are spinning, arrogance and arguments brewing, and now the future looks as uncertain as it could be. Bleak and without true cause or direction.
Unless Lilah works out what to do.
Instinct – that's what Sabella talked of. That's what she said was needed for peace to settle. But how to achieve it with Alexander incapable of such a thing? How can four settle into one and find their fairy-tale ending?
It should have been so simple. So clear.
And yet the murky depths keep unfurling. And the problems keep expanding.
And one will be left wanting at the end.

Release date: September 15, 2019

Print pages: 341

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