Eden's Gate: VDB 2

Eden's Gate: VDB 2

Book 2: The VDB Trilogy
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Pascal Van Der Braack's world is being shifted. The once untouchable king of his empire is finding flaws within his intricately weaved web. The one's he thought he could trust are scheming, and the mind he thought he knew best is beginning to confuse him. Life within Alexander White's hands should have been so simple, there should have been nothing to come between them, but Lilah James' arrival is causing waves of discord to rally against all of their peace. And now his past misadventures are showing themselves more clearly too, or rather trying to tear him down but for the arrival of yet another quandary to negotiate - pure love.
“Never place yourself in the hands of someone you would not trust with your life, it will surely be your own demise.”
Words he's lived by all his life, ones that are starting to ring truer than he'd ever imagined.

My hands run across the indents on my wrists. There's no actual ridge in my skin anymore, but I can still feel that rope, and as I stretch my mouth I can still feel the tape, too. I can feel it all crawling over me, telling me to remember something, to let myself dwell in uncomfortable truths. Maybe understand them. This has caused more confusion than I ever thought possible, because I don't know who I am anymore. Or what I'm doing.
I thought I was okay with that.
I thought whatever this was with Pascal felt good, new.
But now, having had my insides tested so thoroughly, I'm not sure what I am.
And I'm not sure if I can handle him, or me, at all.

Release date: August 12, 2016

Print pages: 316

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