SEALed With a Kiss Box Set 1

SEALed With a Kiss Box Set 1

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Get the first three books in Madigan's bestselling SEALed With a Kiss series, and Buck and Melinda's exciting 3-part adventure, all in one place!

Dr. Melinda Emerson loves chemistry but isn't so crazy about people. So when her social anxiety gets the better of her at a friend's party, at least she has the good sense to pass out in the arms of the hottest man there--Grady “Buck” McCormick, SEAL, demolitions expert, and all around sexy eye candy. After a one-night-stand they go their separate ways, but when Russian terrorists show up at her lab, kidnap her, and steal her drug research, Buck's the first person she calls for help. He'll go to any length to save the pretty scientist who's grabbed hold of his heart--even if it means tracking her down on a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific as it steams for the Motherland.

Grady "Buck" McCormick saved her life from Russian terrorists, and if Dr. Melinda Emerson never sees or hears anything Russian again, it'll be too soon. But Buck's finding it more challenging than he thought to fit a smart, determined woman like Melinda into his life. Turns out he's a control freak. Who knew? Buck and Melinda may have escaped their clutches, but the Russians kept her research and they've been experimenting with it. Of course their version is awful and also fatal. Two SEAL teams are sent to infiltrate their secret Siberian lab, with Melinda along as a civilian consultant. But the mission goes sideways when Buck and several of the SEALs are injected, and Melinda is forced to find a cure, or lose the man she loves.

Two months after her second run-in with Russian terrorists, Dr. Melinda Emerson finally admits she's struggling with PTSD. Her relationships are suffering—especially with Grady “Buck” McCormick, who's recently moved in with her. Buck's worried about her, and wants her to get help. Instead, she plans a trip to the Amazon in pursuit of her research into a cure for Alzheimer's. Buck insists on going along as security detail--and to keep an eye on her--and it's a good thing when they run into a logging company determined to clear cut through the village where Melinda needs to work. The company's owned by an old friend of Buck's who kidnaps Melinda when Buck refuses to do his bidding. Bad idea. Nobody threatens Melinda without paying for it.

Release date: December 13, 2018

Print pages: 415

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