December Chill

December Chill

When ex-SEAL Chill meets quirky cake designer December, sparks fly, then his brother's crazy ex makes trouble
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Dante “Chill” Winters is the medic on his SEAL team, and has a reputation for staying cool under pressure. But when his brother dies and leaves his only daughter in Dante's care, requiring him to leave the job he loves to move back to Chicago, it puts his chill to the test.

December McKay is a cake decorator by day, and roller derby girl by night. She lives with her sister and her dog, and loves her career and sport. Would it be nice to have love in her life? Sure. But she doesn't need a man to be complete. That is, until a sexy paramedic responds when her van is t-boned as she's delivering a wedding cake.

Dante tries to settle into life as a paramedic and family man, supporting his grandmother and niece, but chafes at leaving his SEAL career behind. Then he meets a quirky cake decorator at the scene of an accident and suddenly civilian life looks a lot better. But when his brother's crazy ex starts threatening him, his family, and his new girlfriend before the court can rule on permanent custody, Dante uses his military skill to protect those he loves and neutralize the threat once and for all.

Release date: July 20, 2018

Print pages: 208

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