Poppy and the Big Bad Wolfe

Poppy and the Big Bad Wolfe

Poppy & Wolfe put their ancient history aside to team up and save Macy's Thanksgiving parade from terrorists.
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It's the week before Thanksgiving, and after ruffling all the wrong feathers, investigative reporter Poppy Flannery has been exiled to the wastelands of Lifestyle where she's assigned to write a fluff piece on the floats and balloons in the upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

Wolfe “Big Bad” Jarrett is on a rare holiday leave from his SEAL team, but when his photographer brother is threatened Wolfe agrees to be his pseudo-bodyguard for a while.

Poppy and Wolfe have history of the semi-romantic and fully-humiliating kind, so when Wolfe shows up with Poppy's photographer to a parade-related interview, they're both shocked and angry to see each other again. But after she gets an anonymous call about a bomb threat, then a dead body shows up in her car, Poppy reluctantly accepts Wolfe's offer of protection.

Wolfe and Poppy, with the help of some of his team, spend the next few days leading up to Thanksgiving following clues and hunting down domestic terrorists in an effort to save the city from another attack. Somewhere along the way, they put their past to rest and it becomes apparent that maybe Poppy and the Big Bad Wolfe could have a future, after all.

Release date: November 13, 2018

Print pages: 220

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