Potions and Paradoxes: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Potions and Paradoxes: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Zara Zenia Founding author
The Box Set has four full-length books filled with steamy alpha males—none of which are human.
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The Potions and Paradoxes Box Set has four full-length books filled with steamy alpha males—none of which are human. There’s a vampire, a shifter, a warlock, and a fae, and they all want Marina. They won’t stop until they claim her as their own. But at Sleepy Hollow, danger lurks behind every smile and corner…

Book 1 – Magic and Misconduct

Life isn’t easy as a young witch, especially when the rest of the family is human. Sleepy Hollow is where Marina learns to control her powers among other supernaturals. When one of her suitors is accused of murder, she’ll have to save him with her heart instead of the rumors.

Book 2 – Spells and Shenanigans

Marina can’t catch a break. Dead bodies are piling up. But one of the men trying to claim her ends up being accused of using mind control to commit murder, and Marina is thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Hunters intent on destroying supernaturals. Learning to control her magic is hard enough without juggling growing feelings for each of the four different men and dodging real threats lying in wait in the shadows.

Book 3 – Hexes and Havoc

When her classmates start dropping from flies from the mystery illness, it becomes clear that it’s a dangerous, targeted attack from witchcraft rather than some bug going around. When one of the men she wants falls prey to the disease, it’s up to her and the other men to join together to find the source of the powerful spell. Being in close quarters, she’ll have to open up her feelings and find which one she wants.

Book 4 – Cruxes and Crime

Everything seems fine until one of her men decides to suddenly want to join the military. But Marina senses a conspiracy designed to destroy the supernaturals. In order to stop it, she needs to put herself on the front line and within arm’s reach of danger. Will her love be able to save the men she holds dear to her heart?

This box set contains four complete full-length stories. Each book in this page-turning series has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Release date: July 8, 2020

Print pages: 660

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