Ornaments of Death

Ornaments of Death

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Throughout the cozy coastal town of Rocky point, New Hampshire, Christmas lights twinkle and Josie Prescott has transformed Prescott’s Antique auction venue into a winter wonderland for her annual holiday party. Josie is especially excited this year, as a recently discovered distant relative, Ian Bennington, will be attending. It appears that both Ian and Josie descent from 17th century royal mistress, Arabella Churchill. The party is a success and Ian is accepted into the group. It gives Josie an unexpected thrill to have family and unexpected dread when he vanishes.

Ian doesn’t show up for a dinner date or a lunch date with Josie’s friend Lavinia. Josie is sure he would have made it if he could. Ian’s two priceless 17th century pieces of art have gone missing. Knowing that after her nasty divorce, Lavinia is majorly in debt, and Josie can’t help but wonder if her friend his behind the theft and, perhaps, Ian’s disappearance.

Josie is determined to find Ian and uses her knowledge of antiques to track the stolen artwork. In doing so, she learns to true meaning of Christmas and of family. Jane Cleland’s Ornaments of Death is another masterful addition to the Josie Prescott series.

Release date: December 1, 2015

Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group

Print pages: 304

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Jane K. Cleland
Tiffany Morgan
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