• Ethan's New Mission
  • Molly's New Dream
  • Charlie's New Life

New Life Series

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Life is mysterious and strange. There are things that we may never understand and things that we think we understand. When your life is turned upside down by the chaos that becomes your reality, you have tough choices to make. You can either struggle and get upset, or you can step up and find a solution to your problems. Does age really matter in this situation? I think not. Each of the teens in this series will face unfortunate and life changing events and will handle it in their own way. Each of them will find a big solution to the problems they face and despite the fact that their goals are bigger than they are, they make them happen anyway. If you're interested in following along in their incredible journeys throughout the universe while being surprised by the amazing things they manage to accomplish, this is the series for you.

Content advisory: This series contains some foul language and dark situations and conversations, such as slavery, rape, medical procedures, and some violence.

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Behind the book

This series is one that I write specifically for my baby sister to remind her that she can do anything if she sets her mind to it. 

No matter your age, you are and should be capable of doing amazing things. Help may be required, but who doesn't need help now and then? Never give up on your dreams and if you hope to be a light in the universe, then keep pushing, keep trying, and shine that light. These kids don't give up, and you shouldn't either. 

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