Zaynt's New Target

Zaynt's New Target

The Reapers must be stopped, and it’s my destiny to make it happen.
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The Reapers must be stopped, and it’s my destiny to make it happen. 


Zaynt has stood by his friends, helped them, watched them grow and fight this evil for the last two years, but something has to change. Ethan and Charlie can’t keep up this pace forever, someone needs to do something. 


Taking matters into his own hands, Zaynt is determined to rid the universe of the biggest crime bosses ever known. Luckily for him, his friends are there for him as he always has been for them. Together, they’ll enter the lion’s den to compile the evidence they need. 


Will they be smart enough to stay under the radar of the smartest criminals in the universe? 


Will lives be saved once again or will they be lost? 


*This is the final installment of The New Life series, following our teens on their biggest mission yet. Be warned of mentions to heinous acts and criminal behavior, as well as cursing, medical procedures, threats, knife violence, and other dark themes that go along with these. As always, there will be a happily ever after for our kids, if you’re brave enough to keep reading.* 

Release date: October 22, 2022

Print pages: 169

Content advisory: This book contains discussions about slavery, prostitution, drug abuse, and other heinous crimes. There is also a scene involving threats and knife violence.

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