My Relentless Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

My Relentless Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

Book 2: Draknos Mates
What can be harder than finding the perfect man? Knowing that your love is super illegal when you do…
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Nolan Warren has always been a list guy, so of course his plans for the coming weekend had one. Maybe the most insane list of his life:

Travel to a secret dragon safehouse with his parents. Check.
Cross an international border illegally. Check.
Attend his little brother’s equally illegal wedding to a dragon-shifter. Check.
Ignore said brother’s gorgeous dragon liaison, Airon’s, flirtation…

Hmm…that last one might be a little tricky.

While Nolan certainly doesn’t have a problem with the thought of dating a dragon-shifter, the unfortunate reality is that a huge chunk of human society does, including the government. Forsaking the life in Dallas that he has built like his brother was forced to do with his dragon-shifter mate isn’t something Nolan is prepared to do. Nor would he ever ask Airon to do the same for him. Yet, there’s no denying the fierce attraction and affection they feel for one another, especially when Airon believes Nolan is the fated mate he has been waiting for.

Will societal fears about dragons prove stronger than fate, or will Nolan and Airon get their happily ever after?

Release date: April 1, 2021

Publisher: Fantastical Press

Print pages: 306

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