My Hero Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

My Hero Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

Book 3: Draknos Mates
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Ezra James thought there was nowhere on earth that his best friend, Ruby, and her young son could hide from her abusive husband’s powerful family. Then the Day of the Dragons happened…

Safety is suddenly within their grasp. The problem is that they need to get the little boy beyond Elysia South’s energy shield before the boy’s father or senator grandfather can find them, and that would require petitioning the dragons for asylum. At least that’s the rumor…

While flying his routine patrols near the energy shield, dragon shifter Raphek suddenly finds himself in the shocking position of saving a couple of adult Terrans and a child from a bunch of Terran goons with guns seemingly trying to murder them. However, bringing them into Elysia South causes a diplomatic nightmare, one that threatens to trigger a war between his kingdom and the US unless King Dagon hands over all three to the very man that swore to kill both Ezra and Ruby if Ezra ever helped his wife leave him.

Love should be the last thing on Ezra’s mind, but he can’t help the white-hot attraction he feels for their gorgeous and kind dragon savior, especially when all signs seem to hint that Raphek burns for him as well. Complicating matters even further is the romance seemingly brewing between Raphek’s brother and Ruby, coupled with the Draknos’s fierce protective instincts for children.

Can Ezra and Raphek find a solution to their impossible dilemma, or will the dragon brothers have to give up what may very well be their fated mates to satisfy the demands of Ruby’s ex’s powerful family for the sake of peace?

Release date: May 5, 2021

Publisher: Fantastical Press

Print pages: 376

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