My Fallen Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

My Fallen Dragon: A M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

Book 1: Draknos Mates
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A blizzard, a completely bare man with the body of a god bleeding in your back yard...wait, what?

After waking up to one of the worst snow storms his state has seen in years, Julian Warren expects to see a news report about business and school closures, not the earthshattering news of a mysterious island appearing in the Atlantic seemingly overnight and footage of what looks like a dragon straight out of myth circling said island. Adding to the madness, when a crash in his back yard leads Julian to discover a gorgeous man without a stitch on, bleeding, and with steam rising from his skin, he finds that he suddenly has an injured dragon shifter in need of shelter and care. The problem? Hiding the dragon's existence from a government currently freaking out about dragon sightings compounded by a mountain suddenly appearing in Julian's city would likely lead to a life sentence in prison.

Oh, and Julian just may have a teensy crush on his unwitting guest that he thinks would never in a million years be reciprocated...

Crashing hard into a cold sea of white is definitely not dragon shifter Sevek's finest moment. Finding himself at the mercy of a Terran man within a world that has been slowly bleeding into his own for centuries, one his king's scholars had been warning him to not get too close to is even worse. Sevek's only priority should be to find a way back to his people without revealing his true nature to the Terrans, yet he can't ignore the desires Julian awakens within him, desires he hasn't felt in years. Courting a mate that could betray him to the Terran military at any moment is beyond stupid, but it could be equally stupid to pass up the gift of a mate fate has offered them both.

Can a dragon and a human make a relationship work, or will the fear of an uncertain future for both Sevek and the human world at large tear them apart?

This is a complete m/m paranormal romance story with a HEA.
It contains several scorching-hot scenes and mature language.

Release date: March 3, 2021

Publisher: Fantastical Press

Print pages: 290

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