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Moon Lake Magical Midlife Mystery Series.

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It’s time to pay the price. Why is it everything good is bad?


For centuries, Moon Lake enjoyed prosperity compliments of the strange mojo that flowed across the land.  But as the magic intensifies and its reputation expands, outsiders wish to possess it. Can the Collins Family and the not-so-secret  Magic and Manifesting Society save the town and its residents? Come along and fight the villains.


Welcome to Moon Lake, where horses, cows, and farmers share the village with psychics, witches, and ghosts. Meet ninety-year-old sharpshooting female sleuth, Lois Collins. Unravel the riddles of meddling spirit-ghost Lily Collins. Track the bad guys through creeks and woods with opinionated furry critters. Cast spells with Healing-Witch Anna Krone and her descendants, and chase criminals with The Collins Trio—Business Owner Sydney, Renowned Psychic Monique, and Top Investigative Journalist Elle. Fall in love with the townsfolk and the hot cops who do their very best to protect the headstrong, stubborn Collins Women.


Laugh, cry, and warm your heart. This series has it all. It is a crossover between Midlife Paranormal Women’s Fiction and Country Cozy Mystery. Book 3 and Book 5 cover topics outside the normal cozy range.  



Author Note: Due to an honest and appreciated reader review, the entire series underwent three slow and methodical passes of updated proofreading and corrections in May and June 2021.



Prequel: Ghost Witch P.I.

 Some cases require special hands—actually,  Spirit hands and animal feet. Help Spirit-Ghost Lily Collins and Healing-Witch Anna Krone as they and the animals of Moon Lake investigate the death of one of Moon Lake’s most beloved citizens. Available in Paperback on Amazon or as a free download at LuciaKuhl.Com.


Book 1: Moon Lake Sleuths

Are there ghost police? Can a ghost kill a human? Dance studio owner Sydney Hovan is about to find out in a mystery that twists and turns and introduces some of Moon Lake’s unique and loveable characters.


Book 2: Moon Lake Witch

What if great magical powers were thrust upon you without training or instruction? How much havoc could you cause?


Book 3: Moon Lake Dance

Sydney’s made her share of enemies. Which one wants her dead? It will take all their powers to fight the foe.

Warning: This book shines a light on sex trafficking. A few readers have found the subject objectionable.


Book 4: Moon Lake Music

When the animals talk, the humans should listen. It would save them time, energy, grey hairs, and magical powers.


Book 5: Moon Lake Menace

Being psychic is like reading tomorrow’s newspaper with half the words redacted. Can Monique find the missing pieces and stop the serial killer from preying on her friends?

Warning: One or two of Monique’s visions push the envelope on “Cozy.” A couple of readers found this objectionable.


Book 6: Moon Lake Mayhem

The entire town has gone mad, even the land. What the heck is going on? And who is going to stop it?


Book 7: Moon Lake Hate

He died in her past. What’s he doing in Elle’s future?


Book 8: Moon Lake Murder

He’ll stop at nothing to possess Moon Lake. Can he be arrested?


Book 9: Moon Lake Psychic (Available fall of 2021)

Release date: January 30, 2021

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 165

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