“Nothing has to change. It’s not as though it’s the first time I’ve kissed a guy.”

As the world is held in the grips of a global pandemic, straight, handsome, athletic builder, Damon Boyd, is forced into lockdown.

His only company is gay, primary school teacher and housemate, Joey Reynolds.

Bonding over their love of superhero movies and buoyed by their shared love of good food, drink and company, harmony exists between the pair.

As time passes, growing anxieties force Damon permanently behind closed doors, leaving Joey to take care of everyday chores outside of the house.

But while sequestered, their friendship grows, and a spark is soon ignited between them.

Only Joey has the courage to fully acknowledge the change in dynamics, yet stealing a drunken kiss pushes them further into friend zone.

Damon refuses to admit what he is truly feeling, and believing the best way to re-assert his sexuality, he takes a risk that could have devastating consequences for them both.

Release date: August 6, 2021

Publisher: South Beach Publishing

Reader says this book is...: emotionally riveting (2) entertaining story (2) heart touching (1) heartwarming (2) realistic characters (4) strong chemistry (3) unputdownable (4) happily ever after (2) terrific writing (1) year's top 10 (1)

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