Love Locks - The Series: True Love Is Written in the Stars

Love Locks - The Series: True Love Is Written in the Stars

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True Love Is Written in the Stars... At least, that's how it appears.

For Raven, only child of ruling President, Phillipe Andre, and his wife, Adriana Andre, First Lady of the Republic of the United Kingdom, losing her beloved husband, Dalton, in a tragic accident robbed her of her happy ever after.

Whispers speak of a way; a chance for her to gaze into his eyes one final time, but this route remains forbidden to all.

Those who rule guard the secret, but there are always those who will talk and others only too willing to listen.

Confronting her father, Raven must convince him to break the laws of the land and send her to a place no other has ever journeyed to before.

Release date: September 13, 2021

Publisher: South Beach Publishing

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