Ivory Nation

Ivory Nation

Andy Maslen Founding author
'We spilled blood into this soil'
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Avenge the dead Paras...

A troop of paras stumble on an elephant's butchered corpse. A sniper observes a glamorous Royal couple on their wedding day. A charismatic ultra-left politician sees his chance to strut on the world stage. What happens next sends ex-SAS member Gabriel Wolfe deep into the heart of a global web of intrigue, ivory poaching and political corruption.

'We spilled blood into this soil'

Julius Witaarde is the passionate young leader of a white separatist party in South Africa. He dreams of establishing a whites-only homeland in the north of the country. But dreams like his don't come cheap. And conventional sources of finance are closed to him.

Together with two unlikely business partners, one at the highest level of government in South Africa, he moves into ivory smuggling.

In the forests of Botswana a small group of British paras are working with local game wardens to defeat poachers. Halfway round the world, the Royal Family's youngest princess is getting married in Windsor. As church bells ring out, so do shots.

The domestic security agencies scramble to find the killer. Gabriel and Eli deploy to Botswana to investigate the disappearance of the paras, who never returned to base.

A trail of blood, and tears

Gabriel and Eli find themselves caught in a complex and bloody maze of lies, evasions, criminal deals and power-hungry politicians who believe destiny counts for more than the truth.

Recently reunited with long-lost sister, Wei Mei, Gabriel travels to Laos, the Gulf States and on to Laos and Hong Kong before he discovers the terrifying truth about the people he's investigating.

'You're playing a dangerous game, Mr Wolfe'

Face to face with the man he knows he has to take down, Gabriel finds his options narrowing. But what is the right decision? For him, as well as his country?


Release date: March 27, 2020

Publisher: Tyton Press

Print pages: 408

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