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Jake West chose duty over love once before. He doesn’t plan to make the same mistake twice. But will he get the chance for a do-over with Chelsea?

Jake’s long-buried feelings for Chelsea bubbled to the surface when they were trapped in the woods together, and, in the moment, she felt the same. But now that they’re back to their ordinary lives, she wants to take things slowly. He’ll proceed at any speed she wants. The problem is, Chelsea’s not returning his calls.

She’s not returning any calls, because she’s been abducted.

What Jake and Chelsea discovered in the wilderness stirred a hornet’s nest, and now she’s in grave danger. While Jake’s trusted team and Chelsea’s closest friends hunt for her, Chelsea herself plays a high-stakes game with her captor to stay alive.

The slow-burn romance and fast-paced action continue in the fifth book in USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller’s Shenandoah Shadows series.

Release date: January 26, 2022

Publisher: Brown Street Books

Print pages: 154

Reader says this book is...: entertaining story (1) escapist/easy read (1)

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