The Anniversary Party

The Anniversary Party

Melissa F. Miller Founding author
You're invited to celebrate Sasha and Leo's tenth anniversary. It's going to be a killer party.


You're invited to celebrate Sasha and Leo's tenth anniversary. It's going to be a killer party.


Ten years ago, Sasha and Leo’s wedding turned bloody when armed mercenaries stormed the remote eco-resort and took the couple and their guests hostage. In the end, love won, and they made it down the aisle.


A decade later, they gather eight of their closest friends to celebrate their tenth anniversary and ring in the new year at an exclusive estate. Within hours of their arrival,  a fierce winter storm rolls in, cutting them off from the outside world.


Their estate hosts are off the property when the weather hits. So it's just the anniversary party and one other group—ten old college pals having their annual holiday reunion. Sasha, Leo, and their crew have managed much worse, so they hunker down to make the best of it. Then, a guest in the reunion group is murdered. Trapped on the estate with a killer on the prowl, Sasha, Leo, and their friends must take matters into their own hands.

Featuring some of the most beloved characters from Melissa F. Miller’s series, The Anniversary Party is a sharp, suspenseful, and twisty mystery in which every move counts and every offhand remark might be a clue.

Release date: December 26, 2023

Publisher: Brown Street Books

Print pages: 290

Reader says this book is...: action-packed (3) clever protagonist (2) entertaining story (5) terrific writing (4) unputdownable (2) escapist/easy read (1) female sleuth (4) realistic characters (3) satisfying ending (4) suspenseful (3) unexpected twists (2) quirky supporting cast (2) trail of clues (1)

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