Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Andy Maslen Founding author
They killed her man. Now she wants revenge.
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They killed her man. Now she wants revenge … HIT AND RUN, by Kindle Storyteller Award nominee, and best-selling crime author, Andy Maslen, drags you heart and soul into DI Stella Cole’s brutal world of conspiracy, revenge and cold-blooded murder… Stella, Richard and baby Lola. A perfect family. Stella’s a high-flying cop and Richard’s legal work aims to expose corruption in high places. But powerful people want Richard dead, and they don’t care who gets in the way. In a calculated act of violence, the family is torn apart and Stella is plunged into a nightmare of grief, barely surviving on alcohol and pills. A year later, after compassionate leave, she starts to pick apart the original investigation into the hit and run that left her a widow. Her shocking discovery forces her into a dangerous world of lies and cover-ups where the law doesn’t apply. And the only rule is kill or be killed. As Stella closes in on the people who really killed her husband, they fight back, freeing a psychopath from prison to hunt her down. But Stella has learned a hard lesson. And she’s not about to break under pressure. Forget the law: Stella wants REVENGE. This dark, disturbing psychological crime thriller will leave you short of sleep. It will keep you guessing from page one, including a truly shocking first-act twist. Its powerful female characters will have you rooting for them against all the odds they face. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF HIT AND RUN NOW

Release date: March 29, 2017

Publisher: Tyton Press

Print pages: 335

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