Grasshopper's Child

Grasshopper's Child

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Set several years after RAINBOW BRIDGE, England is ruled by a foreign power. Heidi has been her parents' carer for many years, but when her mother apparently murders her father she is sent to work as an Indentured Teen in a remote coastal village.

As she explores her new home and its mysteries, Heidi is convinced of her mother's innocence, and is determined to prove it. What secrets does the village hold? Are the other teenagers friends or foes? What creature creeps through the attics at night, and what power do the Carron-Knowells hold over the rest of the village's inhabitants?

This is the sixth book in Gwyneth Jones' critically-acclaimed BOLD AS LOVE series.

Release date: March 2, 2021

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

Print pages: 400

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