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Ten-year-old Zanne has lived on her parents' farm in Garth her whole life, following the seasons as regularly as the years.

Everything changes when raiders come to their village, and Zanne uses her powers to save her family. Zanne's mother - Keeper of the Covenant, binding life to their country - sends her to Covenant school. Zanne needs to be trained, and to put her powers to use for the good of Inland.

But there is a stronger force present than even Zanne realises. The call of the Daymaker, the legendary power from the time of the machines, pulls against the Covenant, and Zanne finds herself on a quest to discover its origins, and the truth of Inland's history...

The first book in the DAYMAKER trilogy, this book by award-winning author Gwyneth Jones, writing as Ann Halam, is perfect for fans of Ursula Le Guin's EARTHSEA trilogy.

Release date: October 18, 2022

Publisher: Orion

Print pages: 240

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