Friended: A Nostalgia Songfic

Friended: A Nostalgia Songfic

Book 1: Modern Love
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"From USA Today bestselling author Kilby Blades, a tale of first teenage love, complete with interfering friends and mixtapes...

Compared to life on tour with her wannabe rock star mother, finishing high school in Rye is a snooze. At least Roxy has her best friend, Zoë, her dad, and her music. When her standoffish Civics class partner, Jag Monroe, breaks ranks and randomly friends her on Instagram, Roxy swiftly declines.

Jag is Roxy's total opposite: stinking rich, conceited, and hot in that obvious kind of way. Roxy's sure that his repeated friend requests must be a joke. Then Zoë does the unthinkable: snatches Roxy's phone, accepts Jag's latest friend request, and follows him back.

As the posts (and sparks) fly, Roxy begins to suspect that Jag may not be as shallow as everyone thinks, and that he may be into more than just her music.

“This YA mosaic novel uses music as an effective backdrop for a tale of social media, drama, and romance.”
- Publisher's Weekly review of Friended, Book 1 in the Modern Love series

""This book is super hilarious, and the music references make me want to pull up Spotify and disappear in them for awhile.""
- Auburn, Goodreads Reviewer

""This novel was funny, nostalgic, and heartwarming. With a depth you would find surprising.""
-Isiah, Goodreads Reviewer

""A fabulous story of teen love. I love that this story is about the ice breaking, the friends, and the scary parts. So many modern love stories are about sex but this is about love. A great book.""
- Teen Angel, Amazon Reviewer

Awards and Accolades for Friended
  • 1st Place Winner: 2019 New England Reader's Choice Award
  • 2nd Place Winner: 2019 International Digital Award
  • Finalist: 2019 WISRWA Write Touch Award
  • Finalist: 2019 National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award
  • Finalist: 2019 CRWA Stiletto Contest
  • Finalist: 2019 Book Buyer's Best Contest
  • Release date: December 27, 2018

    Publisher: Luxe Publishing

    Print pages: 268

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