Falling for the Knight: A Time Travel Romance

Falling for the Knight: A Time Travel Romance

Cecelia Mecca Founding author
When she’s sent back to the past she finds new hope for the future.
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Hannah Sutton prides herself on being a strong, independent woman, perfectly in control of her career and personal life. But her orderly existence is upended when she and her sisters travel to Scotland and jump off an enchanted waterfall as a lark. After blacking out, she finds herself marooned near a castle in England, alone. Everyone she meets appears to be a devoted reenactor, dressed from head to toe in medieval gear, but soon the truth becomes undeniable. Hannah has traveled back in time.

Tristan wasn’t meant to be a lord, but his bravery and prowess in battle earned him the lordship of Saxford. Now, he faces a challenge that might very well unseat him—his ten-year truce with Saxford’s biggest enemy is about to come to an end. It’s the worst possible time for a mysterious woman to wash up on his beach, especially one who claims to be from the future. But the beguiling beauty quickly gets under his skin, and he realizes there might be something to her claim.

Hannah and Tristan have an immediate attraction that grows deeper, and the longer she stays at Saxford, the more she begins to question if she wants to return to the future—or make a future with her medieval knight.

The Enchanted Falls Trilogy follows three sisters as they find love after falling though time. Each book can read as a standalone, but the stories are linked.

Book 1- Falling for the Highlander by Emma Prince
Book 2- Falling for the Knight by Cecelia Mecca
Book 3- Falling for the Chieftain by Keira Montclair

Release date: August 9, 2018

Publisher: Altiora Press

Print pages: 200

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Falling for the Knight: A Time Travel Romance
Cecelia Mecca
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