A Debt of Dishonor

A Debt of Dishonor

Book 2: Lords of Sussex
Kate vows she will never again be at the mercy of powerful men. The she meets the Duke of Ashleigh..
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This is a lovely historical romance with dynamic characters, an interesting and suspenseful plot, and excellent messages of female empowerment and friendship.
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Kate Russell is furious.

It was bad enough that her father had let her grow up in virtual poverty, but now her dissolute brother wants to use her as payment for his debts. She runs away, determined to make her way so that she will never again be at the mercy of powerful men.

Then she encounters the Duke of Ashleigh.

He has overcome the shame of his parents' scandalous lives and has a well-deserved reputation for honorable behavior. Then he encounters Kate, the niece of an old friend. There is some mystery about her background.

She is not the sort of well-bred lady of impeccable reputation that he plans to marry someday, but he can't get her out of his mind.

Lords of Sussex
The Earl Returns
The Debt of Dishonor
The Winds of Change

Release date: February 11, 2021

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Print pages: 237

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Behind the book

The Earl of Farnsworth suffered from what came to be called general paresis of the insane, the final and fatal stage of untreated syphilis. In addition to the sores generally characteristic of syphilis, general paresis was characterized by loss of control over movement and delusions of grandeur.

There was no cure for him at this point, but neither was there any simple way to control him. Madness, like so much else, was a family responsibility.

However, Farnsworth has no family, and even if he had one, as an earl, he would be the head of the family.

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