Death’s White Horses

Death’s White Horses

Los Zetas, the most violent of the Mexican drug cartels, exposed.
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Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is back on the case, after a series of drug overdoses places investigators face to face with Los Zetas, the most dangerous of the Mexican drug cartels. What begins as an investigation of local heroin trafficking soon turns into something far more serious

The cartel will do anything to protect its cash flow”"including a series of attacks against Trask’s team that cement Los Zetas’ status as one of the most ruthless criminal organizations of the century.

Drawing from Mexico’s real-life cartel wars, Death’s White Horses is Marc Rainer’s third book featuring federal prosecutor Jeff Trask. While showcasing the challenges faced by law enforcement on both sides of the border, it also highlights the deadly consequences seen on both ends of the US-Mexico drug trade.

With more than three decades of experience as a federal prosecutor, Rainer combines the excitement of a high-stakes thriller with the pinpoint accuracy and realism that has earned him a widespread audience in the field of law enforcement.

Release date: March 25, 2014

Publisher: Createspace

Print pages: 315

Content advisory: Adult language, violence

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Death’s White Horses
Marc Rainer
ISBN-10 : 1620793121
May 30, 2015
Cherry Hill Publishing




Behind the book

Many events described in this book actually occurred during Mexico's infamous cartel wars, a violent period second only to the U.S. Civil War in a north American body count.

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