Cut Out Cookie

Cut Out Cookie

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Release date: June 17, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

Print pages: 283

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Behind the book

Author Notes may contain spoilers!

Crazy Theresa has been a thorn in Vic’s side for a long time, since she first started sending her notes before Sour Cherry Turnover, #7 in the series. And even before that, if you start to unravel what happened back when they were both in school.

Willie made it his mission to find Theresa after she escaped from him in Muffins Masks Murder, #10 in the series. But Theresa just couldn’t stay away. Anyone else would have just gone underground changed her identity, and never returned to Moose River or the family property. But Theresa isn’t anyone else and she isn’t called Crazy Theresa for nothing.

I’ve known for a number of books that Willie was going to have to catch up to Theresa sooner or later. I’ve made him too competent and too connected for him to fail to eventually chase her down again. This storyline has been nagging at me during the last couple of stories, and now that Theresa had another confrontation with Vic in A Fateful Plateful, #16 in the series, the time has come for Willie and Theresa to have their final encounter.

Things don’t look good for Willie!

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