A Fateful Plateful

A Fateful Plateful

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Release date: May 20, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

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Behind the book

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I decided it was time for Vic to go back to Moose River again to deal with a mystery surrounding her family. But when her father had chased her off last, he had told her never to come back home, and she had agreed. So what would get her to go back home again after that?

Would she go back if her mother asked her to? If someone in the family was in danger? Despite everything that had happened, Vic had grown up in a small, insular community, where family ties were valued and she was expected to participate in working the farm. She hunted and worked with her older brothers and was very close to them, or at least to Jeremy, the sibling nearest to her in age.

I knew that writing about Vic’s family would give me plenty of new fodder for a story. Their ties to organized crime, Crazy Theresa, and the dysfunctional family relationships gave me lots of places to take the story. Maybe there are a few twists and turns that you didn’t expect!

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