As one of the enforcers to the club, Emery “Coast” Cortez is used to others doing as he says, not out of fear, but respect for him and the position he holds. His mixed-race has never been an issue with the club, but growing up, the outside world wasn't always as easily accepting of his Mexican/Native American ethnicity.

Coast learned at an early age to ignore the slurs, the derogatory statements and the presumptions made off his looks alone. Instead, focusing on the goals he set and single-mindedly reaching each one while others wasted their time trying to deter him. With his mind set on Mackenzie Minton, she doesn't have a chance—that's if he can get her to quit dodging him at every turn. The woman was going to be his whether she knew it or not.

Dr. Mackenzie “Mac” Minton not once has regretted the decision to change her field of study from trauma surgeon to obstetrics and gynecology—only what happened to cause her to make the choice.

Now in a town she'd visited as a child with her OBGYN practice specializing in high-risk pregnancies, she is content. At least in her professional life. Her personal life— a totally different subject. And Mac's not sure she'll ever find contentment there.
However, she is certain the larger than life, overbearing biker is definitely not the answer to her problem.

Well, she's mostly certain.

Release date: December 31, 2019

Publisher: CM Books, LLC

Print pages: 228

Content advisory: 18+

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