Cloaked Campaign

Cloaked Campaign

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Release date: February 17, 2023

Publisher: pd workman

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Author Notes may contain spoilers!

Writing stories in a series like this takes a combination of keeping track of “open loops” in past books as well as generating fresh ideas as to what to do in the future. It was in Time to Your Elf (book 14) that Reg was first given a clue that there might be something in the garden that needed her protection, and not until Thrice Spared (book 17) that Ember was hatched. It was in What the Cat Knew (book 1) that the reader is first given an inkling of the strange relationship between Marta Jessup and Corvin, but not until Thrice Spared that they find out the backstory. In Missing Powers (book 15) Reg first learns that not only is Corvin applying to be reinstated to the coven, but he is also running for its leadership. Now, in Cloaked Campaign, it is my job to pull together some other threads from the past and to pull them together once again as we get down to the last few days of Corvin’s leadership campaign.

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