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M.R. Forbes Founding author
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From Book 1:

In the twenty-fourth century, rising sea levels triggered by World War have forced humankind into a handful of densely populated cities surrounded by massive seawalls. Special agents known as Shades prowl the streets in bodies that aren't their own, carrying out orders handed down from an AI created to shepherd humankind through the aftermath. Civilization clings to a tenuous thread.

When an elusive and deadly fugitive turns up in New Manhattan, Shade Cassidy is deployed to bring him in. But the job goes sideways from the start, and it isn't long before Cassidy is neck deep in a dark conspiracy years in the making. Hunted from every side and unsure of who to trust, every move he makes will lead him one step closer to uncovering the terrifying truth.

A truth that will completely alter his understanding of his place in the world.

A truth that could alter the world itself.

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