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“If they get through the summer without getting into trouble, I'll pay you double.

Those words changed my life forever.

I've lived on Tidewater my entire life, but not in the picture-perfect, oceanfront, mansions down on The Bend. No, I'm a girl from Backwater, on the other end of the island, where we live working for them; the SUP, or Summer People.

We don't throw lavish parties, we work them.

We don't play on yachts, our time in the water is spent on surfboards.

I'm a Backwater girl; a ‘Babe,' who's destined to live her entire life on this tiny strip of marsh unless I get to graduate school and can change my fate. But things never come easy for a girl like me. My scholarship falls apart and working at the bar for another summer won't pay my tuition. That's how I end up taking a job looking after one of the mansions on The Bend and its occupants.

Four spoiled and entitled men, who don't know how to grow up.





They're the embodiment of a SUP: Rich, selfish and reckless.

So reckless that in addition to cooking and cleaning, my job is to keep them out of trouble. Womanizing, gambling, addictions and power plays are their favorite games. Keeping them straight is an impossible task, especially when they decide I'm the kind of trouble they want to get into.

When the stakes get as high as the tide, will I lose it all?

Babe is a Standalone, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem, Contemporary Steamy Romance by Angel Lawson and Melissa Adams.

Release date: October 1, 2020

Print pages: 358

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