A Collection of Inspector Rebus Novels

A Collection of Inspector Rebus Novels

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A selection of international bestselling author Ian Rankin’s critically acclaimed Inspector Rebus series is available together here for the first time in this thrilling nine book e-bundle:

Black and Blue
After years of silence in the unsolved “bible John” serial killer case, Inspector Rebus falls smack into the middle of modern copy-cat “Bible Johnny’s” killing spree.
Dead Souls
In Scottish high society, tragedy strikes in the form of suicide, kidnapping, and murder. Inspector Rebus must look for patterns in order to stop the crimes at fault before money and power cover them up for good.
The Falls
In his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, Inspector Rebus struggles to find a missing girl while dealing with his own demons, and the office politics that threaten his investigation at every turn.
The Hanging Garden
Inspector John Rebus’s personal and professional lives collide when organized crime tears through Scotland. As drugs, human trafficking and gang violence hit too close to home, Rebus swears revenge.
Knots and Crosses
When a killing spree takes hold in Edinburgh, Inspector Rebus must follow clues that only he can find while keeping the secrets they reveal from destroying him.
Set in Darkness
Excitement and security are high on the eve of Scotland’s first parliament meeting in three hundred years, but not high enough to stop a string of strange and tragic coincidences that lead to the death of a top politician. Inspector Rebus knows that money is involved, and that corruption is running deep.
Strip Jack
Parliament member Gregor Jack seems to have it all until his baser secrets are exposed and his wife suddenly disappears. Inspector Rebus knows there’s more to the story including a killer on the loose.
Tooth and Nail
Inspector Rebus is the man to call when trouble abounds and serial killers are to blame. London calls him in for help to find the disturbing murderer who leaves his victims covered in bite marks and tears.
A Good Hanging
This brilliant twelve story mash up will have Rebus fans on the edge of their seats. Filled with the darkest crimes Scotland has ever seen, Rebus is the only one who can shine the light of justice.

Release date: January 26, 2016

Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group

Print pages: 2914

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