Meet A. L. Knorr, our March Book Club Author


March 13, 2023

Slippers, a big hat and a sit/stand desk

For our March Book Club chat with the author, we're welcoming A.L. (Abby) Knorr.  Ahead of the chat on Tuesday March 28th, we asked her to tell us a bit about herself and her writing:

BingeBooks: Where and when do you like to write? 

Abby Knorr: I write at my sit/stand desk beside a window with a view of our orchard. If it's a really beautiful day, I'll write beside our pool in a big hat. I try to get my writing done after a morning walk, but before I do any other work, usually mid-morning until early afternoon.

BB: Is there anything - furnishings, art, equipment, etc - you always like to have around you when you write? 

AK: My sit/stand desk, ergonomic keyboard and mouse really changed my body for the better and helped heal the TOS I acquired in the early days of writing when I was constantly traveling and did everything sitting on a couch with my laptop. Other than that, and the necessity of warm feet (I own a lot of slippers), there aren't any other things I need.

BB: Who are your influences? 

AK: Kelley Armstrong, Tamora Pierce, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Laure Eve, and Laini Taylor

BB: What are you reading right now? 

AK: I always have a fiction and a nonfiction going. Right now I'm reading House of Salt & Sorrows by Erin Craig, as well as Dazzling Dialogue and The Trope Thesaurus.

BB: What book would you recommend for a great spring vacation read?

AK: I love a big fat historical fiction when I'm on holiday. I totally inhaled Pillars of the Earth and would recommend it to anyone who loves medieval settings and villains that make you want to scream out loud.

BB: Have any of your characters ever surprised you? How? 

AK: Oh yeah! A character once broke up with the love interest I thought she'd have until the end of a series, and started dating his best friend! I had NO IDEA that was going to happen. Definitely wasn't in the plan, but the best friend was the better match for her. She realized it. I didn't. :)

BB: Cat or Dog? 

AK: We inherited a Persian cat named Pamuk when we bought our villa. We both prefer dogs over cats, but Pamuk wormed his way into our affections pretty quickly.

BB: Tea or Coffee? 

AK: Both! I love drip coffee with cream in the morning, but I also love an afternoon Earl GreyTea is one of the habits I picked up after living in England for a few years.

BB: Tell us in one sentence why readers love A Blossom at Midnight.

AK: Just one? Dang you run a tight ship. Readers love the epic setting and the flora and fauna magic, which includes fae characters with animal and insect familiars. 

BB: Tell us in one sentence why you love writing - in general, and in your specific genre.

AK: I love the challenge of telling a story that's loaded with surprises that keep readers guessing until the end. I love writing fantasy because magic lends a special element to fiction that opens up endless storytelling possibilities that other genres don't offer.


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