Yuletide at Gillingham: A Regency Historical Romance Holiday Novella (Soldiers & Soulmates)

Yuletide at Gillingham: A Regency Historical Romance Holiday Novella (Soldiers & Soulmates)

Can two lonely boys draw strength from one another during a Yuletide season that only promises heartbreak?
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One boy abandoned by a greedy, gambling father . . .

Another boy watches his father slowly dying . . .

A lasting friendship that will see them through the hard times—and beyond . . .

Christmas is coming to Gillingham, the country seat of the Reid Baker, Duke of Gilford, and
home to Dunwood Academy, a school for boys run by the Duchess of Gilford. Ashlyn is with
child after their recent marriage and all seems right in their world—until two visitors bring
upsetting news.

One is Viscount Dalworth, whose son, Thomas, is a new student at the academy. Shy and
withdrawn because of his mother’s recent death, Thomas is finally coming out of his shell,
thanks to his friendship with scholarship student Edward Pickens. The viscount is on the prowl
for a wealthy wife and chooses to attend a house party during the holidays, informing Ashlyn
that Thomas is an inconvenience and he must remain at school during the Christmas holidays.

The other visitor is the local doctor, who brings heartbreaking news of Edward’s father, a local
farmer who is dying of winter fever. Because of their situations, the young friends will remain
with Reid and Ashlyn over their Christmas break.

Though heartbreak occurs, both Edward and Thomas mature and their friendship will endure for
many Yuletides to come.

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Yuletide at Gillingham is a part of the Soldiers and Soulmates world:
Book #1: To Heal an Earl
Book #2: To Tame a Rogue
Book #3: To Trust a Duke
Book #4: To Save a Love
Book #5: To Win a Widow
Book #6: Yuletide at Gillingham (Novella)

Release date: July 25, 2022

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Print pages: 37

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Behind the book

I've had several readers ask whatever happened to Edward, the scholarship student at Ashlyn's school who bore a firemark on his face. 

This Christmas novella will allow you a glimpse into Edward--as a student--and then as an adult.

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