Jet Stryker is unlike any man I've experienced before. I almost feel guilty for taking advantage of him.

I would definitely be safe from the men who are after me in the tiny backwoods town of Raston...except all this nature that seems just as determined to kill me.

The only problem is it's obvious I don't belong here. I'm an exotic dancer for a high-end club in Montreal, not some country bumpkin. I'm out of my element and my cash is running dangerously low. I need a plan, and that plan magically appears in front of me in the form of Jethro Stryker.

Did I say magically appear? I mean this sexy lumberjack-ed-up dude barges into my life when he throws a grown man through a plate of glass for insulting his sister.

Now I'm bleeding but my future just became a whole lot less stressful...

Cadence Miller is the most difficult woman I've ever met. But under all that tough-girl attitude, she's terrified, and I need to know why.

Always protect those weaker than you. It's a mantra I live by. The worst kind of men are the ones that feel big by making the small cower. I was raised by a man like that and you might say I find it a bit triggering.

But what started out as a fight over some dude-bro touching my sister ended up with a sultry brunette city girl living in my guest cabin.

When her past finally catches up with her, I might be in too deep to walk away.
Wild Side is a standalone opposites-attract romantic suspense with plenty of steam, a bit of mystery, and more small town Stryker family antics.

Release date: March 16, 2021

Publisher: A Martin Books

Print pages: 317

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