Zeke Stryker was my bad boy rebellion, he wasn't supposed to end up my forever.

I've been perfect my whole life. Perfect grades, perfect family, perfect life.

Yeah I know, boo hoo.

Poor spoiled rich girl. That's me.

Nova Forrester.

Everything on the outside. Desperately unfulfilled on the inside.

So when I fail for the first time in my life I do what any excessively privileged girl does. I abandon my perfect life, buy a van with my trust fund, and travel the country in search of my soul.

Unfortunately, my van breaks down before I can find myself and I'm stuck in Raston, a small town on the opposite end of the country. By some miracle, there happens to be a single mechanic in the entire town and of course, his name is Ezekiel and of course, he's the most ruggedly sexy thing I've ever seen.

Nova was every guy's fantasy, good girl vibes with a wildly untamed spirit. Who knew her rebellion would be my salvation.

Wild sex in the office of my garage was not how I saw my day going, but hey, who am I to tell a gorgeous girl that banging me isn't going to solve her daddy issues...

I get more than her van engine purring that day, but my night with her changes everything for me. She vanishes before morning light and it's the first time I've ever been ghosted by a girl. It kind of sucks.

But twelve weeks later, after I've cleaned up my act and got a girlfriend on my arm, Nova's back at my garage to drop a bomb on me.

I'm going to be a dad, and this is a problem I have no idea how to fix.
Wild Child is a standalone surprise pregnancy story following the youngest Stryker brother. More small-town romance, more steam, more suspense, and more secrets because those Strykers are good at attracting trouble.

Release date: May 18, 2021

Publisher: A Martin Books

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