Wanted: A Trusting Heart

Wanted: A Trusting Heart

A series of disasters wipe out the men in the town of Silverpines, Oregon.
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Keywords: faith and Trust

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A series of disasters wipe out the men in the town of Silverpines, Oregon, leaving the women to take unconventional measures in order to save and grow their town.

A Chinook Indian by heritage, Dawn was orphaned and given to a white family as a slave. They raised her like one of their own, alongside their daughter Laura.
Dawn soon finds herself falling for Jake, who recently moved to Silverpines, following his brother from Texas. Jake gets to know Dawn well and soon realizes that he has fallen in love with her. The catch? Though society had come a long way, it still held prejudices against Native Americans, and the whites who married them. Through prejudice and calamities, the two will have to fight for their love and trust in one another with all their hearts.
Are Dawn and Jake willing to take the risk for love? Can they face the prejudices together? This is part of a series but a stand-alone read.

Release date: August 4, 2018

Publisher: Barbara Goss

Print pages: 130

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