Vivi Holt's Cutter's Creek: Books 4-6

Vivi Holt's Cutter's Creek: Books 4-6

Book 8: Cutter's Creek
Vivi Holt Founding author
Heath Moore had his heart broken by Charlotte Beaufort years ago, and he’s hesitant to court again.
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Season of Love
Margaret Hutchins' heart and life must expand to hold six orphans and the dark, handsome cowboy who sweeps her off her feet at Christmas.

She has been alone since her parents died of influenza in Chicago a decade earlier. When she moves to Cutter’s Creek in Montana Territory for a fresh start, as the new teacher for the little school, she discovers a cozy community where she’s welcomed and appreciated.

Heath Moore had his heart broken by Charlotte Beaufort years ago, and he’s hesitant to court again. Until that is, he runs into Margaret just before Christmas – she’s beautiful, intelligent and compassionate. But when she makes a decision that changes her life forever, it threatens to drive a wedge between them.

Enjoy spending a white Christmas in Cutter’s Creek, as a season of love unfolds in the most unlikely way.

Kidnapped by her husband's killers, this pioneering woman is forced to marry one of her abductors. Can love blossom between two avowed enemies?

Maria Holloway is a captive.
Abducted by Lakota, and forced to live with the people who killed her husband, the pioneering woman refuses to give up hope that one day she’ll be saved.
Far from civilization, and everyone she knows and loves, she’s given in marriage to a Lakota warrior. Full of bitterness and despair, she turns to God for help, wondering if even He has abandoned her. She tries to escape but is returned her enemy over and over again.

Bodaway is angry and alone. His wife died and left him to raise three young children on his own. With no plans to remarry, he prefers to lead a solitary life, keeping to himself. That is until Maria Holloway is thrust into village life.
Suddenly, he finds himself saddled with a new wife, one he never wanted. He doesn’t know what to do with her, or how to act. And feels like a stranger in his own home. But when tragedy strikes, and he thinks she is lost to him forever, his true feelings come flooding to the surface.

Can love blossom between two avowed enemies?

A sporting woman, a relucant Mail-Order-Bride, and the cowboy who must choose between them.

When Scarlett Johnson, a sporting woman from the Rosita Saloon, is chased by a scoundrel from the only place she can call home, she boards a train bound for the western frontier. But a chance encounter with a regretful Mail Order Bride gives her an idea - what if she could impersonate the woman? Even if only for a few days - for a warm bed and a hearty meal or two. She won't marry the man, but maybe she could hole up on the ranch for a while, just until she figures out a way forward.

Joe Baker, a cowboy working on the Moore ranch, waits in Cutter's Creek for the stagecoach to deliver his Mail Order Bride. But when she arrives, she isn't the woman he expected her to be. She's beautiful and colorful and makes his heart pound. But is she the bride he sent for?

Will Scarlett's ruse be exposed? Or will she beguile the man she has no intention of marrying?

When secrets from the past come back to haunt them, both Joe and Scarlett have decisions to make, and Scarlett's life will be thrust into danger. Can they find love? Or are they destined to be torn apart by circumstances beyond their control?

These books are Christian, historical, western romances. They are complete stories, with a happily ever after, but are also part of the Cutter's Creek series. The series is written by four different bestselling authors, and each author's books are a standalone series within the Cutter's Creek world. This set is from Vivi Holt's series within the Cutter's Creek world.

Release date: September 20, 2018

Publisher: Black Lab Press

Print pages: 465

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