Thorns of Hope and Betrayal

Thorns of Hope and Betrayal

Melanie Cellier Founding author
Danger and deception await the sisters in the Hidden City.
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The wild power is getting stronger and ignoring it won’t be possible for much longer. Cadence is willing to sacrifice herself if it will save them all, but Airlie and Zeke are determined to find another way. Drawn to the Hidden City, Cadence and Airlie are swept into the cutthroat terrain of nomad politics. Tribe Nicabar hope to seize the throne, but Annora’s secrets threaten everything—including the sisters. But while the twisted vines that connect them all threaten to tear apart everything Cadence and Airlie hold dear, they might offer the only chance for survival. They just have to escape the vengeful wrath of the General first.

Release date: April 7, 2022

Publisher: Luminant Publications

Print pages: 283

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