Forests of Grandeur and Malice

Forests of Grandeur and Malice

Melanie Cellier Founding author
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With the borders breaking down, and their friends in the settlement in deadly danger, Cadence and Airlie need to act fast. Instead they’re caught up in politics where torn allegiances threaten their freedom. But the greatest danger lies across the border in the fallen kingdom. The threat of the General still looms large, and the wild power is far beyond the control of any one person. After a lifetime of deception, the sisters are still discovering their power and heritage. Airlie wants to let go of her final secret, but she worries it could pave the path to further destruction, and she fears its revelation might mean losing Cadence for good. But it also might offer their only hope of salvation. If the sisters have any chance of saving their world, they must do it together.

Release date: June 16, 2022

Publisher: Luminant Publications

Print pages: 310

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