Their Walls Were Empty: A gritty PI mystery

Their Walls Were Empty: A gritty PI mystery

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Release date: October 21, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

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Behind the book

Author Notes may contain spoilers!

After deciding that the next Zachary Goldman mystery would be about a heist or robbery, the next order of business was to decide what had been stolen, so I started reviewing famous or unsolved heists and how they were accomplished. But I needed a setting that was not a museum or vault, and a theft that would not be of much interest to the local cops. That eliminated jewels or gold or some priceless national treasure. So what could have high intrinsic and sentimental value that the police would investigate as a matter of routine, but that Zachary could dig into and figure out without having to know how to get past laser beams and computerizes safes?

Sports memorabilia!

What sport and what team would be likely to be involved in Vermont? Apparently, hockey and baseball are the big sports in Vermont, and one of the favoured teams is the Montreal Canadiens. Living with a big Canadian hockey fan, I figured this would be a fun direction to go!

I found a couple of interesting cases (see links under Book Club Resources). There were definitely people out there who would steal pricey hockey memorabilia.

I wanted Kenzie’s father to be more involved in her life, so I wondered whether this could be a case that Walter brought to Zachary. But Walter is not the kind of guy who hangs out in sports bars or watches the games. Or collects memorabilia. This added another tantalizing layer to the mystery. Why would Walter bring a case like that to Zachary?

The twists and turns that followed also brought back a favourite character from a previous book. I’ll be good and not spoil it here, but I’m eager to hear if you enjoyed his reappearance as much as I did!

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