Royally Rearranged: A Sweet Royal Romcom

Royally Rearranged: A Sweet Royal Romcom

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A royal arranged marriage ... gone royally awry.

I've been waiting for this day my whole life. It's time to make the official announcement at a royal ball that Prince Callum and I will wed.

Dreamy, devastatingly handsome Prince Callum. The man I've been in love with since we were just kids, climbing trees and chasing swans.

But when he shows up with a tacky American girlfriend, all arrangements--and the gloves--are off.

The royal families have been keeping secrets from me about their promises ... and my future.

Which now looks a whole lot like a balding old duke who smells faintly of cheese.

Because whether I marry for duty, marry for love, or marry in a Vegas chapel, I must be wed to a royal by the end of the summer or lose my kingdom.

Just your typical royal dilemma.

But I'm about to show the world that the woman dubbed the Ice Princess can bring the heat.

I want my kingdom. And I want my Prince Charming. If I have to take out his girlfriend to get my happily ever after, I'll consider it a casualty of war.

Love or duty? It shouldn't be a choice.

I'm going to have both. I just hope I don't lose my crown or my heart in the process...

Release date: September 30, 2021

Print pages: 384

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