• The Case of the Curse of Houl
  • The Case of the Bitter Draught
  • The Case of the Captain's Hair
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From Book 1:

The budding detective Wolflock Felen sails to study at the prestigious Mystentine University in the vast and magical land of Puinteyle. Join Wolflock as he uses his deductive skills to solve mysteries and crimes throughout the land, aiding those in need of his brilliance (And also some who would rather not). From the magnificent to the bizarre, from the heart warming to the horrendous, follow Wolflock as he uses cool logic and observation to unravel the messiest of cases.

The Captain's Hair is the first short story in the series of the Wolflock Cases, so enjoy his adventures and keep a keen eye out for the next instalment.

Release date: October 26, 2017

Publisher: Pelaia Adventures

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