The Case of the Lost Mermaid

The Case of the Lost Mermaid

Join Wolflock as he uses his deductive skills to solve mysteries and crimes throughout a magical land.
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How do you save the life of a mermaid? You find the mythical city that the gods are said to have made for them. Simple.
Your favourite amateur sleuth, Wolflock, makes a new mermaid friend separated from the safety of her pod, he can't leave her to a dangerously uncertain fate. Especially since he owes her his life.
But the cards of Faleen and Bleen have foretold of disaster in his fate, and he is caught between the choices he now needs to make. Is their interference to save his life or do they have another sinister intention?
Will Wolflock save the life of the mermaid and return her to her family?

Find the clues today in the sixth Wolflock Cases book: The Case of the Lost Mermaid.

Release date: July 31, 2018

Publisher: Pelaia Adventures

Print pages: 143

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