The Case of the Bitter Draught

The Case of the Bitter Draught

Join Wolflock as he uses his deductive skills to solve mysteries and crimes throughout a magical land.
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The festival of Mabon always left a sour taste in Wolflock's mouth. He'd do anything to get out of it. Even find a smuggler and their contraband aboard the Silver Ice Hair. So, when Captain Blutro asks him to investigate, Wolflock doesn't care what toes he steps on to get results.
But who could it be? Wolflock has to exercise his best powers of perception and deduction to find the answers without tipping the culprit off. If he treads too hard, they're bound to hide before he can find them.
With company, crew and captain acting strangely, Wolflock has to choose carefully who is a friend or foe, otherwise, he will risk more than his delicate reputation.
Will he and Mothy be able to solve the mystery? How many friends will he lose along the way? Is there more going on within the walls of the ship than the Captain is letting on?
See if you can solve the mystery and get your copy of the 4th instalment of the Wolflock Cases: The Case of the Bitter Draught, today!

Release date: January 29, 2020

Publisher: Pelaia Adventures

Print pages: 148

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