The Ties That Bind : Haven Brook Book 3

The Ties That Bind : Haven Brook Book 3

Book 3: Haven Brook
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They say that you find love when you’re not looking, and I definitely wasn’t looking. My only focus was on raising my son and giving him the life his mom would have wanted him to have before she passed.

When a woman came crashing into my life— literally— I had no choice but to stop and help. She was stranded with nowhere to go, and there was an uneasiness about her that sent chills up my spine. It was apparent that she was running from something, but the question wasn’t what, but rather who.

I should have drawn the line and kept my distance from her. I didn’t need any unnecessary drama in my life. But when her daughter had the same frightened look on her face, I knew that I couldn’t.

Letting them stay with us was only supposed to be a temporary solution until the storm passed. We weren’t supposed to fall so easily into acting like a family. It should have been easy to let her go and walk away from whatever was haunting her. But as life had already taught me, nothing was ever easy.

Release date: November 28, 2020

Print pages: 192

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