The Princess of Everywhere

The Princess of Everywhere

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A deposed king and his displaced sister embark on a journey to an unknown destination in the care of a mysterious servant and discover the most difficult terrain to cross is that of the mind.

Princess Bashalis has chosen to go into exile with her brother, the deposed, former king of Cerecia. They are required by the new monarch to travel with a handler who will monitor them and prevent Chysh from undermining the current regime from afar. Their former servant, Hatch, volunteers for the job. It is soon apparent that he is more than he seems, and his loyalties lie elsewhere.

Bashalis' musical ability and easy-going manners recommend her to everyone's affections wherever she goes. Her talents are in high demand, and more than one man becomes enamored by her charms. However, her family's murderous background held no examples of marital bliss for her to use as a standard, making true love difficult to recognize.

Chysh is plagued by depression and hopelessness, as all he has ever striven for is lost to him. He alternates between wallowing in his despair or lashing out in anger. With nothing left to live for, his sole purpose is to care for his sister, but his controlling nature constantly gets the better of him. Can he and Bashalis find a home where they feel welcome and content? Follow them on their journey to discover true peace and belonging.

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