In Search of Magic Fire

In Search of Magic Fire

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Lydima is only good at one thing: attracting and entertaining men. From a young age, her beauty drew unwanted attention, and she learned to turn it to her advantage. However, no one seems able to see beyond her outward appearance and love the woman on the inside.

Weary of being used, Lydima accepts Lady Eemya's offer to manage the holding of Freosyd while she is away. Unfortunately, her reputation precedes her, and overcoming prejudices proves challenging. Fever ravages the island, orphaned children cry for help, and a festering evil has far-reaching consequences. Lydima must find the strength and wisdom to deal with dire situations for which she is completely unprepared. Will earning respect as a leader be as hard as learning to value herself? Can she leave the past behind and open her heart to the future?

The Cerecians are concocting even more devious weapons, and Stelan is caught up in a dangerous mission from which he may not return alive. Can he escape Cerecia carrying valuable military secrets, or will his attraction for a beautiful, mysterious spy be his downfall? Peril, intrigue, and romance abound in this third installment of The Edge of the Sword!

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